How would you realize that you have the power to heal yourself if you weren’t first given these wounds that require your healing?

– Yaiya

I am speaking to those, including myself, whose faith in romantic love has been challenged. I am speaking to those who question if it will ever happen for them. I am speaking to those who have held loneliness close and heartache closer. I am speaking to those who have come to realize the resilience of their heart…who have acknowledged its strength and its yearning to love again despite its wounds, because that’s what it lives for.

It was only a few years ago that my heart was rocked pretty heavily from a brutal ending to a 7.5 year relationship. In hindsight, it ended well past its expiration date. Though it wasn’t until it delivered me an epic betrayal, that I actually walked away. What I didn’t know amidst that heartache was that was the beginning of the greatest adventure of my adult life.

That relationship, by default of its misfortune, offered me the most transformative and empowering gift: it taught me the importance of cultivating and nourishing a foundation of self-love.

My previous concept of self-love was elusive and theoretical. When I made it practical, my experience of life and of myself transformed. I went from feeling depleted to alive again. I attribute the conviction and ease I had to walk away from what was no longer right for me to the clarity and strength that that foundation offered. Self-love was my revolution.

I spent time solo after that ending. I courted self-care until it became a place of refuge. I upcycled my hurt. I focused on expanding my heart while it was freshly broken open rather than letting it callous and become numb. I took time to befriend it. I let it know that it didn’t have to harden to protect itself from future hurts. I finally began listening to it and letting it lead my life. We now have a solid rapport. If you haven’t had a conversation with your heart lately, I highly recommend you start with this:

Heart, tell me what you want. Tell me what you need.

Then just listen.

Its response has the power to realign your life if you’re willing to honor it. It has for me. It led me here where I am so happy to be sharing it with you.