Be alone. Eat alone. Sleep alone. Take yourself on dates. In the midst of this, you will learn about yourself. You will grow. You will figure out what inspires you. You will curate your own dreams, your own beliefs, your own stunning clarity. And when you do meet the person who makes your cells dance, you will be sure of it because you are sure of yourself.


As of today, Valentine’s Day 2017, the man that makes my cells dance, who ‘I will be sure of because of being sure of myself’, is TBD  (To Be Determined). I am happily riding solo while I live into the mystery of a future love story. In light of my work of championing vulnerability and sharing true love stories, I feel it fitting that I share with you how my own love life plays out. So, when his identity is revealed, you’ll know, and we’ll have enjoyed living into the mystery together.

If you are reading this and of a similar relationship status (i.e. Independent? Solo? Single? Slaying it on your own?), know that you now have a friend who you are navigating the dating process with. If it’s been lame for you, let’s make it fun. It’ll only get better now that we’re doing it together. I’ll be open with you about my experiences so that those of you who are solo can relate, and those of you who are attached, well I hope you find it all entertaining. If and when it comes to the point where I have a love story to add to the Humans in Love catalogue, you’ll have been along for the ride. Until then, we’ll enjoy the journey together. I intend to love hard the entire way through.