When your entire life becomes art for following your intuition and making the first move


This is the story of Shepard Fairey – the artist behind OBEY, the HOPE campaign, and the art that represented the recent women’s march, among others – and how he met the love of his life, the beautiful and talented Amanda Fairey.

Amanda and Shepard met in their early 20’s while living in San Diego. They were introduced at a mutual friend’s party, however both of them were in other relationships at the time. They saw each other here and there at other gatherings over the following few months. Eventually, Amanda and her then boyfriend broke up. Amanda had seen Shepard at a recent party. They’d always hit it off. For some reason, when visiting with a girlfriend, she thought to inquire about his relationship status. The friend said he was also single now and mentioned that he frequently played pool with his buddies at a local bar. After work one day, Amanda decided to drop by that bar in hopes to see him. He was in the middle of game. He told her he’d wrap up quickly and sit with her.

“He kept trying to lose the game” Amanda recalled, “so that he could come to the table, but he’s so good he just kept winning. I remember him looking over his shoulder at me, shrugging each time the ball went in. It felt like forever. The navy buddies he played with would have given him a hard time for walking away, but,” she smiled, “he eventually did.”

Right when she decided she was going to take off, he acquiesced the game and came to the table for her. They sat and spoke for hours. They went on their first date that week and didn’t look back. They married, had two children and have now been together for 18yrs.

Like Shepard and Amanda, you might have met your future person and the timing is just waiting to align. Keep the faith. You are lovable and that person is dreaming of you.