“He’s coming” the stranger said. “Who?” she asked. “Your future husband.”


Danielle was situating her bags in the overhead compartment, readying herself for the transatlantic flight from the US to Paris.

“He’s coming” the women seated beside her said abruptly.

Danielle looked toward the aisle assuming the woman was referring to another passenger. “Who’s coming?” she replied.

“No,” the woman said, “He’s coming. Your future husband’s coming.”

“Are you clairvoyant or psychic or something?” she asked.

“I just know things,” the woman said. “I see it.”

Days later, Danielle returned from Paris landing in Salt Lake City for Sundance. She entered the baggage claim and there she met Danny.
One synchronicity after another ensued.
Danny was there with his mgr to pick up a band member. They got a call asking if they could also pick up Danielle, who was there to host a charity event. “I remember when I first saw. I thought, ‘Damn there she is.’”
They sat beside each other in the shuttle. “I felt something immediately.” Danny said. “We both did.” Danielle added.

“I hadn’t in so long.” Danny said, “I had just been like, ‘Love, meh.’ And then it hit me like a ton of bricks.”
Danielle’s accommodations fell through so Danny offered a spare bed in his condo. They ran around Sundance with a group of friends that night. “I was attracted to her but I was a gentleman.” When about to fall asleep, Danielle emerged from the bathroom and said, “so we cuddle?”

“I was stunned.” he said, “she just snuggled right up on me. I felt like I was in high school.” And they had their first kiss.

“I knew it wasn’t a one night thing” Danielle said, “when he made breakfast for me the next morning.” They spent the remaining 10 day trip together and when they were supposed to return to their respective sides of the country – him Philadelphia, her LA – he chose to return to LA with her and then she in turn, began visiting him on tour over the next two months.

They met on Jan 21st and on March 21st, they were sitting by a fire in California. “This moment came over me,” Danny said, “and I used a green bread tie, made a little ring and I asked her to marry me.”

* * *

Ashleigh: Had you two spoken at all about marriage?
Danielle: No. But without needing to think, I said yes.
Ashleigh: Where were you both at, in terms of your heart, the day you showed up to Sundance?
Danielle: I hadn’t been dating anybody for almost a year because I just gotten out of a relationship with someone who was in the public eye and it was a really bad breakup. So I was over dating for a bit. I was numb. I was not looking. Nothing sparked my interest for a year. I didn’t even want it.
Danny: I was lightly seeing somebody. I’d gone out with them a couple times. I remember wondering, ‘I am thinking love is a real thing. Am I overthinking it? Am I missing something in these relationships? And then that’s when I met Danielle. And then it was that. That’s what I was waiting for. That punch in the face. I had thought about past relationships and asked myself, should I have stayed in that relationship? Am I waiting for something that is just not possible? Just not real? And then I met her. And that’s when I knew. This is definitely the one. With her it was different. I just knew.

Danielle: We don’t have the best of everything but we make the best of everything. I love his soul, the way he smiles and his laugh.

Danny: “Her laugh. Her smile. Her humor. Everything really. We just have a lot of fun together. Snuggling. She makes me feel a sense of home.

Danielle: Every time we sleep together we’re like pretzels. Every single night. I haven’t been like that with other people.

Danny: Yeah, I’d never been like that. Even if we’re back to back, we intertwine our fingers or legs. The moral of the story for me is to never give up on what you want. Don’t ever settle because it’s out there. Whoever is reading this…Hang in there.

Danielle: It comes at the most unexpected times.

Danny: I was going to say that. And you always hear that. But that was the truest moment.

Danielle: The truest moment. After my ex I hadn’t dated in almost a year. At Christmas time, exactly a month before we met, my family and I were talking and they were asking me, ‘Do you think you will ever find somebody? Do you think you will ever get married?’ And I was asking them that, ‘Do you think I’ll ever find somebody? Then my brother and friend both said, ‘I think you’ll be married by the end of next year or if not married, you’ll meet the man you’ll be getting married to.’  And that was Christmas and I got on the plane to go to Paris in the beginning of January and then I meet Danny days later, on January 21st. Right when I landed.

Danny: I had a similarly strange thing happen. I do sweat lodges.

Danielle: Oh yeah! Tell her about that!

Danny: My last one I did was in November. And I remember being in the sweat lodge, which has an energy it in that’s very powerful. When you send something out to the universe in that state, I mean…I truly believe it’s powerful.

So I said ‘I’m ready for my true…’ – and I’ve never had this thought; it just popped in my head – I said ‘I’m ready for my true love.’ It was strange because I had never stopped to say ‘I just want to find my true love’ before. It was a conscious thought that just appeared. And I remember, I kind of just agreed with it. ‘Yeah man, it’s time.’ Next thing I knew, there was Danielle, two months later.